WP 6

Techno-economic analysis


Investigate the implications of the project improvements for reduction of the SOC interconnect cost, thereby demonstrating that the suggested solutions will:
  • Reduce raw material cost by > 80 % by exchanging interconnect steels
  • Reduce fabrication costs to < 5 € per unit at 50 MW/year capacity
  • Reduce the costs of design iterations to < 10 % by implementing a more efficient interconnect development route

In this work package:
• The cost of the interconnect is mapped by breaking down the cost of raw materials and the different processing steps.
• Based on this break-down of costs, the influence of economy of scale is investigated for the two different processing routes (LOWCOST-IC vs state of the art).
• Finally, it is investigated what the other demonstrated technical improvements would mean to the cost of the SOC technology


WP leader: Richard Schauperl (AVL)

12 AUGUST 2022