Meet us at EFCF 2020 – Workshop on mechanical robustness challenges

Given that Corona situation permits then meet us at the EFCF 2020 Conference, Lucerne, Switzerland. Here we will be throwing a workshop on how to address mechanical robustness challenges for SOFC stacks, and there will also be several contributions to the conference from the LOWCOST-IC project.

Planned talks:

  • Henrik Lund Frandsen (DTU) - Multi-scale model to describe the local degradation and mechanical failures in an SOC stack
  • Carlos Bernuy-Lopez (Sandvik) - Conditioning optimization in Sandvik Sanergy® HT 441 after the forming process



Exceptionally high robustness of air electrode contact layer achieved

Exceptionally high robustness of air electrode contact layer achieved using reactive bonding. Using metallic pre-cursors for an in-situ formation of spinels through oxidation results in good interaction with surrounding interfaces and a robust contact layer.

Enhancing the Robustness of Brittle Solid Oxide Cell Stack Components




LOWCOST-IC results were presented at ECS SOFC-XVI

The first results from LOWCOST-IC were presented at the ECS SOFC-XVI conference, Kyoto, Japan 2019. The contributions were

  • Christian Walter (Sunfire) - Stack development and industrial scale-up
  • Claudia Göbel (Chalmers) - The influence of different factors on the dual atmosphere effect
  • Matthieu Tomas Chalmers) - Cu-based coatings for IT-SOFC applications
  • Belma Talic (DTU) - Improved robustness and low area specific resistance with novel contact layers for the solid oxide cell air electrode





Sunfire and SOLIDpower to build and test first SOFC stacks with Sandviks pre-coated “Sandvik Sanergy HT 441”.


30-layer Sunfire LOWCOST-IC ST1 stack



LOWCOST-IC Kick-off meeting

On January 22.-23. 2019 the project was officially initiated with the Kick-off meeting. All partners were gathered at DTU where they were introduced to each other and to the details of the project work and EU rules and guidelines. Actions and procedures were discussed and planned.

Kick-off meeting





21 JANUARY 2022