Public deliverables

D1.1 Test protocol established among consortium partners

D1.2 Data management plan

D1.4 Midterm report

D1.9 Updated communication plan

D2.1 Deliver sheets of K44M steel for coating at SMT

D2.2 Deliver SoA CeCo coated 441 steel (CS0)

D2.3 Deliver production scale CeCo coated K44M (CS1) to CU and DTU for testing, and to BOR for hydroforming

D2.4 New coating variations on 441/K44M (CS2) delivered for testing to CU and DTU

D2.5 Report on selection of substrate material and pre-treatment. Delivery of a corresponding steel coil to SMT for coating

D2.6 Report on chemical stability of the coated interconnects (T2.3)

D2.7 Report on mechanical properties of the coated interconnects (T2.4)

D3.2 The optimized interconnect geometry delivered to FZJ for detailed computational studies and further refinement geometry

D3.4 Hydroformed pre-coated test interconnects with various shaping depths, slopes and curvature radii delivered for investigation at CU and BOR FZJ

D3.5 Report on the corrosion properties of the hydroformed pre-coated interconnects tested after shaping

D4.1 Report on ASR with the different chemical compositions and particle sizes measured at initial operation and after 3000 hours of aging

D4.2 Report on fracture energy of the cell interconnect interface with the different chemical compositions and particle sizes measured at initial operation and after 3000 hours of aging

D4.4 Report on the feasibility and accuracy of the high-speed DoD inkjet printing of known ceramic inks onto SOC interconnects

D6.1 Report on break down of cost on the SoA and the LOWCOST-IC processing routes

D7.1 Plan for the Exploitation and Dissemination of Results (PEDR), including a communication toolbox, finalized

D7.2 Project website for external communication and sharing of results among partners launched

D7.5 Update PEDR
15 JUNE 2024