WP 2

Evaluation and manufacturing of steel grades and coatings


  • Identify the best alloy and coating combination under the relevant operating conditions.
  • Reduce the Ohmic resistance across the interconnect to < 15 mΩcm2 at 750 °C and < 20 mΩcm2 at 850 °C
  • Demonstrate the feasibility of combining state of the art high-volume roll-to-roll manufacturing methods for the interconnect

In this work package, the following tasks will be carried out:
• Interconnect steels will be chosen based on an analysis of the most promising grades and initial lab experiments at component level.
• The chosen interconnect steels will be coated and evaluated based on corrosion resistance, Cr vaporization, electrical resistance and mechanical properties
• Coated steel sheets will be supplied to WP3 for hydroforming, to WP4 for evaluation with the contact material and to WP5 for implementation in SOC stacks at the two manufacturers’ sites.
• Based on the overall test results, new coatings will be developed for both fuel and air sides and supplied to the manufacturers for a second round of testing in stacks at the final part of the project.

A constant feedback of experimental data will be fed into a continuous coating development process to maximize progress.


WP leader: Jan Froitzheim (Chalmers University)

12 AUGUST 2022