WP 3

Interconnect design and shaping


  • Reduce the maximum stress by >30 % while maintaining a low pressure drop (< 30 mbar)
  • Demonstrate a fast and cost-effective interconnect development route

In this WP the interconnect flow profile and shaping process will be optimized by:
• Using efficient multiphysics computational models that considering couplings between heat transfer, mechanical stresses and electrochemical reactions
• Designing in detail the flow profile taking into account the practical limitations of hydroforming the pre-coated interconnects
• Shaping the interconnect by hydroforming with coated tools for better slip and thus, allowing for larger design freedom
• Evaluating the maximum allowable curvature radii and deformation that a pre-coated interconnect can tolerate


WP leader: Nikolaos Margaritis (FZ Jülich)

12 AUGUST 2022